Thursday, 17 May 2007

Pizza enjoys Tropical SEO

Andy Hagans pledges convincingly to a lazy SEO lifestyle - if not the whole then a few details definitely spoke to me such as having a personal assistant to take care of pesky details, give his phone number only to very close associates. And some parts I arrived at independently, e.g. taking up to a week to answer emails, "especially if the reply requires effort on my part."

I have enjoyed Andy's writing on Tropical and have definitely taken several points he has made to heart. My favourite points/quotes:
1. "...[I]ndustries with poor underlying economics can make even genius managers seem average,", which leads Andy to conclude that "Managing your career is like investing–the degree of difficulty does not count. So you can save yourself money and pain by getting on the right train," in Warren Buffet's Advice to SEOs.
2. Working as a SEO consultant makes for a poor business model, as your time is much better spent on your own projects in high-yielding lead-generating affiliate areas such as real estate, mortgages, insurance.
3. Once you get into the right area, "[i]t takes strategy, tactics, balls, elbow grease, money, and smart planning" but mostly simply working hard everyday, in tips on building a site you can sell for a million dollars

Andy was a professional link-baiter, and as you can see, he got me. I love the blog and the style, as well as the surrounding "blogscape". I've discovered and enjoyed following a little blogring with Andy Hagans at TropicalSEO, Brad Geddes of, Brian Provost's ScoreboardMediaGroup and several others with a focus on "competitive webmastering".