Saturday, 18 June 2011

Great Asian Noodle Bar in Vienna - Sharing Fruits of My Research...

You know I take eating out seriously so when my son went on a trip and we had a chance to eat out in Vienna, I spent a good half hour looking for the right Asian restaurant to visit. We were in no mood for posh, we wanted honest Asian fare at a reasonable price, without a need to dress up.

We hit the road from Bratislava with a print out with four options and used the 45 minutes drive to make a decision.

The options were:
Saigon Restaurant at Getreide Markt


Yellow at Mariahilferstr. 127

Chang Asian Noodles at Waaggasse 1

We landed at number three on my list, Chang Asian Noodles. This turned out to be a great choice - a well designed place on the right side of the Vienna city centre (coming from Bratislava on the highway). We had unpretentious, oustanding noodles, which put any Bratislava noodle bar (incl. Buddha Brothers) to shame, paying less than 30 euros for two noodle dished, a chicken satay starter, glass of wine and two mineral waters.

I do this kind of research (not only on food but other venues) before travelling anywhere and wil lmake a point of sharing my lists on the blog.