Thursday, 17 May 2007

Adwords pet peeves

Wrote an email to Adwords Support regarding my pet peeve - the fact that it is not easy to find out through AdWords and even Google Analytics what actual phrases the people who clicked your ads searched for. I have doubt there is a reasonably easy way of doing this but Google does not seem to promote thins functionality.

On a related note, Google allows all sorts of keyword match types (i.e. you can say you want your ads displayed on searches for Slovakia SEO exact-matched, broad-matched, phrase-matched, as well as negative). There is even an option for all matches together with the exception of exact match - phrase match for [Slovakia SEO] along with broadmatch but with the exact match as a negative.

With this match type, you would be displayed for "shitty Slovakia SEO", "Slovakia SEO cheaply", "Slovakia search engine optimization" but not for the exact match of "Slovakia SEO". Confusing, huh?

Anyway, to make a long story short, a match type that is NOT on offer is something like [Slovakia] SEO, where the word Slovakia would be required, while SEO would be broad-matched. This would allow you to display ads for all searches that contain the word Slovakia and any variation on the words SEO, while not displaying for something unrelated such as Hungary SEO.