Friday, 7 January 2011

Austrian Tabloid Fined €20k for Lifting Girl's Facebook Photo to Illustrate her Alleged Prostitute Namesake's Murder Story

Wow, writing a short headline to this one seemed tough.

Interesting tale of offline/online media interaction - Austrian tabloid paper fined EUR 20 000 by Austrian court after using a photo of the wrong "Lucia Rehakova" from Facebook to illustrate story on an eponymous murdered prostitute.

Rehakova, a Slovak student of teaching, said she had feared she would not be able to get a teaching job after Slovak newspapers widely reprinted her photo. In 1995 there were 1 183 women named Reháková in Slovakia in 2005, according to the state language institute Surnames Database . With Lucia being a very popular Slovak girl's name we would expect there to be oh maybe like 20 of them. Four of them are in fact on Facebook (in Google search results).

Is it sad or funny that you can still google a Lucia Rehakova photo on the website without any explanation or apology and without knowing whether it is the wrong or right one...

The real Lucia should consider suing Slovak papers too for violating her rights - picking up the photo from Austrian paper is not sufficient sourcing.

(found via story)