Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Five more three-letter URL shorteners

Last week I posted about the three shortest URL shorteners I found.

I browsed a little more and discovered several more three-letter (plus dot) URL shorteners with a single letter domain name and a two-letter TLD.

Two of these short URL services seem to share the same interface: a.gd and a.nf. They both offer a few extra features: own url, tracking, expiration date for links, password protection.

You think, therefore r.im, says the shortener site. No extra options but a Twitter account to follow, which publishes every URL added, it's r.im short version and information on what percentage of characters was saved in the process.

Then there is x.vu, currently in beta. I like their tag line: Because every character counts! The options are limited at the moment.

Finally, I discover l.pr (via Techcrunch). Their twist is you can add any text after a slash (basically to comment on the URL) and it still resolves: http://l.pr/a414v/My_Blog,_Peeps (Techcrunch notes this sort of defeats the purpose, of course).

So my full list of three-letter URL shorteners currently stands at eight and I have a feeling there are more to be found.