Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Google to Slovak Adwords advertisers: cancel your account with us now!

Ass Wipes by Flickr user Teamperks
Google emailed its Slovak Adwords advertisers today to tell them that before the country changes its official currency to Euro on January 1, 2009 they must cancel their accounts and create new ones manually.

"Since you Adwords account uses the currency SKK, we request that you cancel this account and create a new account using the currency EUR" (my translation). And if you do not do this by November 30, your ads will stop showing.

Your new account cannot use the same login as your old account (unless you change it for the old account first), you will lose whatever history your ads have accumulated and have to reenter all your campaigns manually.

Come again, guys? I know we are not the largest market in the world but still, saving thousands of your customers
  • hours of frustration
  • losses stemming from each ad having to start anew without its history and quality score
  • hassle of not being able to access your account history
could be worth you while.

I think some advertisers will not bother - the kind of people who have had a small campaign running unchanged with a relatively small budget for months without monitoring or changing it. But there are some websites which have little choice and must use ads on Google to remain competitive. Their owners will have to give in to Google's caprice.

Google, let it be known that your failure to invest the day or two of programmer time required to migrate the accounts to the new currency without inconveniencing thousands of users is BAD KARMA.


Anonymous said...

Andrej, I utterly agree with you! I have to migrate my whole account only because of the stupid currency conversion thing.. This is for the first time I am really angry with Google.